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 Project Wonder is a stealth start-up (non-profit) that will create a massive worldwide movement of over 100 million people to help stop the climate crisis. It will do so by inspiring citizens all around the world to positively change their behaviour and create a paradigm shift, a “new normal” for living one’s life in a more sustainable way. They are looking for an intern.

Pro Planet – NGO
About the company

COMMUNITY INTERNSHIP at start-up looking to fight the climate crisis 

Project Wonder is a stealth start-up (non-profit) that will create a massive worldwide movement of over 100 million people to help stop the climate crisis. It will do so by inspiring citizens all around the world to positively change their behaviour and create a paradigm shift, a “new normal” for living one’s life in a more sustainable way. 

We are building an architectural masterpiece combined with an immersive experience that will draw millions of visitors a year and create a worldwide movement and community. Imagine an experience so intense, that you’re in shock, overwhelmed, and in awe all at the same time. After visiting our experience, you’ll feel more excited than ever to do something and be part of a global movement. That’s what we are building. 

Our ambition is nothing short of creating a movement that changes the world. If you believe you have what it takes to have an impact on this mission. Apply now! 

Since we are in stealth mode, we can reveal little about our plans, but here are some projects and organisations that inspire us: 

● The Zone of Hope Barcelona 

● Museum of the future Dubai 

● Arcadia Earth 

● Machine Hallucinations 

What will you do?

We’re just getting started. So by now you know what that means; you’ll do a bit of everything and things could change on a daily basis when a new opportunity arises.

However, here’s what you’ll very likely be doing during your time at Project W:

● Shortlisting the top climate-related and not-necessarily-climate-related community challenges worldwide. For example, a few climate-related challenges we’ve come across so far are: ○ Veguanary

○ World Cleanup Day

○ 30-day Sustainability Challenge

○ Plastic Free July

○ Make my money matter 21x challenge

● Researching their methods, execution, and effectiveness

● Co-creating a strategy to engage with them and learn from them

● Look into different types of online & offline mentoring programs, how and why they work, and how we can adapt these mentoring practices to fit our community platform vision

● Co-creating and executing a community MVP

● Being “the face of” the MVP community – the first point of contact for the mentors and visitors forming part of the MVP and in charge of the constant communication and follow-up after the execution of the MVP

● Co-creating a community engagement & communication strategy

● Understanding and incorporating customer trust – listening to the community and really be the community’s voice inside the Project W team

● Upskilling yourself and the Project W team on facilitation, group dynamics, collaborative practices, and other elements necessary for a successful and engaged community

● Co-creating the design of the community app and user experience

● Launching the Project W community

● You would also accompany the founder and other team members on Zoom calls, and other day-to-day operations

Who are you and who will you work with?

Who are you?

You’re the outlier amongst your peers, the person that’s always doing a thousand things while your friends scratch their head and wonder how you can do all of them. You don’t need a lot of instructions, you’re used to figuring things out by yourself, whether it’s a new community management tool, creating and executing a social media strategy to reach more people or creating online/offline community campaigns: you teach yourself and get stuff done. You’re also a great communicator – facilitating conversations and getting people excited to participate in something you’re working on and belief in is something that you’re a natural at. You’re self-driven and/or self-made: meaning, you know the value of hard work and you’ve gotten to where you are today through excellent achievement and always pushing the boundaries. However, we don’t give a damn about whether you have a Master’s or not, or the name of your university, we know that the best talent comes from anywhere: we only care about your talent and drive.

In terms of working style: you are organised in a way that makes you very productive, but not too perfectionistic, since you know it can stand in the way of getting stuff done. You might still be deciding what to do in life; start your own company, work for a startup but by now you know that corporate life is not for you. You want to work for a place where you have an opportunity to actually make a difference, and be taken seriously in how you can contribute to our mission. 2

When contemplating a job after your studies, you are looking for something more than “a good paycheck, nice colleagues, and a cool culture”. You’re looking to find a place where you can have a massive impact and be part of an organisation that will inspire and challenge you to do your best work so far.

Ideally you are an outgoing people’s person, a social media expert with a knack for people engagement and content creation. PR or communication strategies don’t scare you and you get a kick out of knowing that you’ve “hit the target market just right” with a new campaign whether its online or through guerilla marketing. A big plus would be if you have some community engagement/management experience and if we could sense your curiosity and hunger for learning.

Preferably you have some year(s) of work or internship experience – whether it’s working for a start-up/SME, volunteering as a community coordinator, or being the team leader of group projects. That said, we value talent and attitude just as much as experience.

Who will you work with?

You’ll be the fifth team member working with the founder & CEO, Dutch national Don Ritzen (38) who before starting this stealth start-up, co-founded Rockstart. Rockstart is one of the first Accelerator-VC’s in Europe, and since its founding in 2011 has invested in over 200 companies who are jointly worth over a billion dollars. Don was the commercial director at Rockstart and has extensive experience helping Rockstart start-ups get their products into the market, fundraise tens of millions of euros and has built a network of hundreds of investors across Europe. He has been in the investor committee of Rockstart’s web & mobile, AI, Energy, Health and Agrifood programs. Don is the kind of person who cares deeply about the people he works with, has a passion for coaching highly ambitious people and helping them grow. He expects a lot, but in turn: shares generously what he knows. Ask anyone he’s worked with and they’ll tell you he helps people develop at extreme speed.


Starting date: ASAP, latest by February 2022

Length: 6 months minimum

Minimum hours: Full time (potential part time possibility: 20 hours a week)

Compensation: 300-500 euros (based on full time time) + one-on-one coaching by Don throughout the internship and for 3 months after. 

Apply: send a max 3 min video to zanri.projectwonder@gmail.com before Monday 17 January at 17:00 (GMT+1) explaining why you are the right person for this internship and highlight what you feel is the best work you’ve done so far that could be relevant for this position.