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Working with Blooming People means working with a partner. As a specialized niche recruitment agency, we highly value our network and relationships. We are happy to build a long and qualitative partnership. We don’t just want to know if there is a vacancy, but why this vacancy is open. What are the biggest challenges you face? How can we help you face these challenges in the most effective way? Together we design a tailor-made solution to help you solve your need.

As we’re constantly in touch with our focus group of candidates, we have a large network of latently looking candidates and
are able to move fast when needed. For example, due to our great market knowledge and intensive contact with candidates we have been following for years, it took us 3 weeks to fill the complex role of Analytics Expert at Aldi after our first job intake.

Just posting jobs on LinkedIn isn’t enough anymore. That is why we are always looking for new expert communities to join and creative ways to stay in touch with hard-to-reach talent. We have partnerships with several newsletters with a large reach, attend several expos & symposia and join multiple forums and online courses. We work in an open and transparant way, with a human-first approach. This leads to finding a match that truly fits your needs, culturally and technically. A happy client and great candidate experience are what make us tick.

Your business

What we do

We are happy constantly be in touch with talent within these fields of expertise:
Online Intelligence

CRO, Web Analytics, UX, CX, Marketing Insights

Data & Analytics

Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence


Software Development & Engineering




Consistently delivers on promises to ensure a smooth, reliable experience tailored to your unique needs, every time.


Our rapid response time guarantees qualified, fitting candidates in just two weeks, making Blooming People the go-to agency for efficient recruitment solutions.


With our niche approach your consultant is your single point of contact, from job intake to understanding your business and from candidate qualifying to feedback.


Our continuous feedback loop – during every stage of the process we are in contact with both you and the candidates, providing valuable insights into the progress.