Rik van Dijk

Nice to meet you! My name is Rik. I’ve always been a natural entrepreneur, from selling our household stuff during a yard sale (of which some were not for sale, sorry, Dad) to flipping electric guitars on the second-hand market.

Later in life, I turned this instinct into a professional career, combining it with a lifelong interest in software. Lacking the patience to dive into coding professionally, I’ve dedicated my professional career by going into several sales-driven but software and IT-related roles within recruitment, some startups, and one not-so-startup (read: the biggest retailer in the world) where I acquired new customers, managed these customers and translate my customers need into something our company could work on.

However, even though all these challenges were exciting in their own ways, there’s one thing that always felt missing: helping people. Therefore I’ve decided to get back to recruitment, join forces with Blooming People, and help people find a new challenge that truly motivates them. Blooming people has been the only agency where I actually felt heard and supported instead of feeling like a product. Helping people has always been the one thing that motivated me most, and nothing satisfies me more than helping someone find a new and exciting challenge and helping them move forwards in their careers.

Therefore I’m very excited to support Blooming People and grow into new verticals to help our clients better and have more possibilities for our candidates. Feel free to reach out if you’re looking for a new position or a new team member or if you want a good laugh!

Focus area: UX, UI, Frontend Development, IT

Rik van Dijk