Cassissia Penning

Imagine you have a six-year-old child, and as a parent, you say: “That’s why because your father says so.” And then that little devil that is your child constantly asks the follow-up question: “Why?”. That little devil was me. My curiosity had always gotten the upper hand from an early age. Luckily for me, that has become my superpower!

By working for years in various industries and positions in addition to my Bachelor of Sciences studies, I have taken many opportunities to work on my professional and personal skills. This has allowed me to build an affinity with what is now one of my core values: always keep developing.

One of those opportunities I took was my work in sales for a SaaS platform with a product that focuses on employee satisfaction. I was taught the importance of a good corporate culture, room for development, and putting ambitions & challenges front and center.


As a Recruitment Consultant at Blooming People, I focus on building long-term relationships with tech professionals and connecting candidates with companies that challenge and stimulate employees’ development. I enjoy linking companies with candidates who support the company’s vision. In addition, I am committed to gathering knowledge in the rapidly developing and changing tech industry to work towards an increasingly closer customized connection between me and my network.

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